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Posted: 2020-06-04 14:36:46
A new security law in Hong Kong is bad, but Trump's revocation of Hong Kong’s special trade status could make matters even worse.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:30:33
John Wooden's teachings still serve as a blueprint for coaches today. Several coaches of major teams in Southern California share their thoughts on Wooden.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:28:42
Stocks are mixed in early trading on Wall Street as the market takes a pause following its longest winning streak in nearly four months.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:27:05
San Diego sheriff requests National Guard; 100 troops to deploy in La Mesa
Protests have erupted across San Diego County amid nationwide anger at the killing of George Floyd. La Mesa has had no protests since Saturday.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:14:35
8:46: A number becomes a potent symbol of police brutality
In the protest movement surrounding George Floyd’s death, a span of time has turned into an important symbol: 8 minutes, 46 seconds.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:00:44
The day John Wooden changed Anthony Lynn's coaching style
Chargers coach Anthony Lynn was an assistant for the Broncos when he had lunch with John Wooden in 2000. What the legendary UCLA coach said has stuck with Lynn to this day.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:00:10
Commentary: How a 22-team playoff could help get MLB back on the field
Major league players have held firm: We get prorated salary for any games we play this year, because it’s in our agreement with the owners.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:00:03
You're probably wrong about Ottessa Moshfegh
Celebrated for her novels, occasionally vilified for a persona she can't control, the author of "Death in Her Hands" is our prophet of loneliness.
Posted: 2020-06-04 13:46:40
European Central Bank nearly doubles its coronavirus support scheme
The European Central Bank has boosted its coronavirus support program to $1.5 trillion in an effort to keep affordable credit flowing in the Eurozone.
Posted: 2020-06-04 13:30:52
Loki as Coriolanus: Tom Hiddleston in Shakespeare is your must-watch of the day
"The Avengers" actor Tom Hiddleston plays a general gone rogue in William Shakespeare's "Coriolanus." Here's how you can watch for free.